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Toronto G20 Summit Marked by Inaction on Climate Change

Despite the disappointing outcome at the Toronto 2010 Summit, the G20 remains our best hope of managing climate change. The G20 accounts for about 85 percent of the global economy and its members are responsible for the vast majority of climate change causing emissions. A healthy global economy is an essential precondition to an international effort to combat climate change.  The […]Read More

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Gulf Oil Spill and the Changing Energy Equation

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has critical implications for the energy industry. In response to the spill, the federal government and Congress are rewriting the rule book on offshore oil and gas production. These new rules will change the way the US produces, transports and consumes energy. The Obama […]Read More

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Ireland, Greece and the Green Economy

The green economy is composed of market-based systems that save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and provide green jobs. However, as we have seen recently in Greece, seemingly isolated economic events can profoundly affect world markets. The world’s economies are deeply interconnected so much so that the dysfunction of one state can have major implications for the others. […]Read More

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Financial Regulation and Green Bubbles

The green market is vulnerable to the formation of a bubble. The rapid growth of the green market could be seriously undermined by the implosion of such a bubble. Those who care about the environment have a vested interest in protecting the green market from bubbles. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) civil lawsuit against Goldman-Sachs suggests they […]Read More

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Offshore Oil is an Avoidable Tragedy

The catastrophic explosion in the Gulf gives us reason to re-evaluate offshore oil’s place in a 21st century energy economy. The explosion killed eleven workers and caused a massive oil spill that has shut down one of the most fertile fishing grounds in the US. The oil spewing from the well is hitting coastlines and is a serious threat to wildlife, marine habitats, livelihoods […]Read More

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Chemical Regulation that is Good for Business and the Environment

The ubiquity of chemicals and our growing environmental awareness are helping to usher a new era in chemistry. Chemicals are part of modern life, yet we are increasingly aware that even tiny quantities of toxins can have harmful health effects including asthma, neuro-developmental disorders, and certain cancers. Chemicals are also being connected with a variety of distinctively modern diseases and disorders including obesity, diabetes, autism, […]Read More

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The Resurrection of Cap-and-Trade

The recession has delayed the passage of energy legislation and it has stymied hopes for cap-and-trade. The current conventional wisdom is that cap-and-trade legislation is dead. However, rumours of the death of cap-and-trade may have been greatly exaggerated. Resistance to cap-and-trade comes from energy intensive industries and Congressional representatives from high carbon, poor and conservative areas. Senate moderates from both […]Read More