Christian Ettinger

Wind Energy and the Battleground States

Wind energy is a boon for the economy and the environment. Why does Romney oppose extending the Wind Production Tax Credit?

The presidential election is shaping up to be a close one and renewable energy could be a deciding factor with both candidates on opposite sides of an effort to extend the Wind Production Tax Credit that expires at the end of the year. Some estimate that nationally 37,000 jobs will disappear if the tax credit is not renewed. Obama is campaigning aggressively to renew …

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The Climate Voters Project

The proposed Climate Voters Project will put climate change in the political arena and compel leaders to address the urgency of the issue

I am proposing a new project, called Climate Voters, which could be operated within the League of Conservation Voters, or could be part of a collaborative effort in which many environmental organizations participate. This is the project’s slogan: We care about climate change and we vote. Climate change is happening now. We need public policy to address this problem. We will vote and campaign …

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