Black Carbon Emissions: The Effect on Global Warming

New research indicates that reducing diesel engine emissions could have a big impact on global warming.

American are increasingly aware of changing weather patterns

The Majority of Americans Feel Climate Change Impacts the Weather

New information indicates that approximately 75 percent of people feel that climate change is indeed the culprit when it comes to the changing weather patterns.

Infographic: Solar’s Limitless Possibilities

Today’s infographic is courtesy of Solarsphere

The Amazon River basin - known as the "lungs of the planet" - face significant threats

Heating Up: New Concerns about the Amazon

At one time, experts believed that the Amazon couldn’t catch fire because it was just too damp. However, as the ocean near the forest gets warmer, conditions in the Amazon have changed over time. Because the Atlantic is pulling moisture from the forest, it leaves the area vulnerable to fires, like the ones that occurred in 2005 and 2010.

GE, Ford, and Intel praised for their cleantech innovation

GE, Ford and Intel Recognized as Dedicated Eco-minded Corporations

GE, Ford and Intel are forerunners in the cleantech movement.

Cimate literacy not necessarily an indication of climate denial

Study Debunks Scientific Illiteracy as Cause for Lack of Concern Regarding Human-Instigated Climate Change

A new study determines that lack of science literacy or understanding not correlated with climate change skepticism.

Indore Hopes to Make Cycling Accessible to the Public

Bike sharing programs are cropping up across the world, although the concept is in its infancy in the vast majority of countries. However, Indore, a city located in central India, has been spearheading the idea for almost a quarter century.