Report Details Sharp Drop in U.S. Power Plant Emissions

Emissions from U.S. power plants of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide fell sharply in the first half of 2009.

Yahoo! Pursues New Climate Strategy for Data Centers

Yahoo announces a change in direction in its policy of buying carbon credits to offset their energy-consuming server farms. Instead of buying carbon offsets, Yahoo plans to build a high-tech data center using more renewable energy.

Latest CARB Ruling Addresses Landfill Emissions

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs into law a mandate from the The California Air Resources Board requiring approximately 14 municipal landfills to install equipment capable of capturing methane gas.

Water Use in Commerical Buildings – Where Does it all Go?

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, buildings consume one-fifth of the world’s available water – a staggering number when considered. So, what do the architecture and engineering (A/E) firms who design those buildings have to say about water use? A recent study by McGraw-Hill’s Construction sheds light on the subject.

Scientific Study Warns that Global Warming May Be Destroying Nature’s Greatest Greenhouse Gas Absorber

Forests, considered to be a major partner in fighting greenhouse gases, are now at the center of a new study being released to the United Nations Forum on Forestry over the next two weeks. The United Nations Forum on Forestry will meet April 20 – May 1 at UN Headquarters in New York City to discuss various forest related issues.

Duckweed Shows Promise for Second Generation Biofuel Feedstock and Wastewater Treatment

Researchers from North Carolina State University believe Duckweed will be a key to sustainable biofuel ethanol production.

Water Supply Trumps Other Environmental Issues in Latest Gallup Survey

Gallup’s recent poll on the public’s concern over specific environmental issues.