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Avoiding 230 Gigatons of CO2 Emissions – Shell Dialogues 2

  Some 230 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided between now and 2050 – bringing atmospheric CO2 concentrations down 20 parts per million – if carbon capture and storage (CCS) development is pursued aggressively and put into use, according to Shell International’s Unconventional and Enhanced Oil Recovery team.  While the resources devoted to […]Read More

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European Fishermen Shut Down Industry Protesting High Fuel Prices

High fuel prices are filtering down and sparking civil protests across Europe’s southern tier.  Spain’s fishing industry – the largest in the EU – closed down today as an estimated 7,000-10,0000 members of Spain’s fishermen’s union (La Confederacion Espanola de Pesca, or Cepesca) representing some 1,400 businesses took their concerns to the streets of Madrid. […]Read More

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Comparing Forestation Voluntary Carbon Offset Certification Standards

With voluntary carbon offset credit markets growing and the topic firmly fixed and on the agenda of the U.N. Clean Development Mechanism’s executive board forestry scientists and researchers, climatologists and natural resource economists around the world are zooming in on, gathering data and analyzing existing forestation carbon offset projects in order to better understand them […]Read More

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Soil & Range Managment: The Key to Reducing CO2

Rebuilding organic soil is the fastest, most productive and most cost-effective means of sequestering significant amounts of carbon dioxide during the next 30 years. Moreover, making sound, long-term commitments to rebuild and manage worldwide organic soil stocks will not only help offset current greenhouse gas emissions but reduce the burden of CO2 already contained in […]Read More