Month: August 2020


The States Lead On Climate Change Action

With the Trump administration inactive when it comes to climate change, the onus falls on states to enact good policies. The good news is the one in three Americans now live in a state or city committed to 100 percent clean energy. Since 2008, local and statement commitments have resulted in nearly doubling renewable energy […]Read More


Endangered Species Around The World

Currently more than 31,000 animal species are threatened with extinction which means 27% of all assessed species. There are many causes why these beautiful creatures are at risk, some of them being habitat loss, poaching, climate change or loss of genetic variation. At the moment the main cause of extinction is habitat loss. Some of […]Read More


Microplastics In the American Diet

Do you know that you likely consume plastics every day? Researchers found that Americans eat from 39,000 to 52,000 particles of plastic a year. Those who drink bottled water may ingest an additional 90,000 microplastics. Recent studies found microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic smaller than five millimeters in size, in food. One study published in […]Read More