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Climate change, the Pentagon, and Gaslight

Walking the gaslit streets

The gaslight of climate change denial

Climate change is hereby canceled

A story published last week in Reuters led with the headline “Pentagon strategy document will not include climate change”

Sure, that’s the “official” statement. Gotta keep Mr. Trump and his bumbling buddies happy. Like the president says, “bundle up!”

In fact, the military has long understood climate change as a threat multiplier. Like the insurance industry, they take assessing risk very seriously.

Not saying it doesn’t make it go away

Even if the words “climate change” are expunged from the frontline strategy document, there are plans within the military complex considering multiple scenarios of social and political unrest stemming from climate disruption. Especially in the most vulnerable regions of the world.

Whether those strategy options are any good or not, I can’t say. But unless the entire military-industrial complex has bought into Trump’s narrative, the Pentagon understands the implications of climate change.

I am not yet willing to cede every corner of the federal government, including the Pentagon, to President Trump’s nonsense.

I think this is gaslighting. Continually assaulting reality leads to the assumption that what thought was “reality” really isn’t real at all. That we’re the dumbasses. Bullshit.

Don’t fall for it.

If ever there was a faithless man, it is the president of the United States. Placing your faith in the faithless is precarious.

Walking the gaslit streets

Walking the gaslit streets

Any worldview must, at some point, take something on faith. Even if you’re among the few that can solve all the equations back to the Big Bang, then what? Then you take it on faith.

All most of us can do is to edge toward our own leap of faith, one day at a time. Be curious. Be willing to question everything, but believe in something.

Times like these test our faith in the beliefs of the world. The narrative changes. A brutal jerk of the pendulum assaults credulity, if not reality.

Trumpism twinkles in a gaslit reality. More formally known as “alternative facts”.

I have no real answers. Just a word of caution as we proceed down these gaslit streets.

Even not taking a stand is taking a stand.

We might as well take a stand.

Take a stand

This post first appeared in ProperlyChastised

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