Month: August 2013

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Video Friday: World Water Week – Cooperation for Water Access

2013 International Year of Water Cooperation Cooperation is key to effectively managing the challenge of securing safe and sustainable access to clean water for the global community. Cooperation between public and private organizations bring together the strengths and expertise of business, policymakers, scientists and community organizers that make possible real solutions. September 1st through 6th […]Read More

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Latest Research on Bee Attrition: Why We Need to Act

Honeybee disorders and high colony losses are serious global phenomena and this threatens our food system. The latest evidence suggests that there is an interrelationship between pesticides, fungicides and parasites. In addition to the agricultural impacts of bee attrition, there are pervasive ecosystem implications that extend far beyond croplands. The study, Single pollinator species losses […]Read More

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Green for the Gold: Sustainability and Profit

By Gary Simms The hippy tree-hugging business versus the profit-driven power house dichotomy needs to end. Every day, large corporations are tailoring their practices more towards a double bottom line: profitability and sustainability. A 2011 survey of 3,000 corporate leaders, conducted by MIT, revealed that nearly 70 percent of companies place the expansion and integration […]Read More

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Enviro News Wrap: Ignorance Doesn’t Stop Journalists Misleading Public on

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up and comments on the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week: It’s because of article like this one by Jennifer Hickey published in NewsMax that so many Americans are confused about environmental issues and renewable energy. The article’s main qualms with wind power are that it does not produce […]Read More