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Guide to Government Incentives for Green Commercial Trucks

There are many government incentives for fuel-efficient truck fleets

There are many government incentives for fuel-efficient truck fleetsThere are numerous benefits for utilizing fuel efficient commercial trucks. In addition to being better for the environment, fuel-efficient trucks boosts your company image and positively impacts your bottom line.

While these vehicles are more expensive than their less-efficient counterparts, the U.S. government has set up incentive programs to provide loans, offset costs and offer tax credits and exceptions to help companies outfit their transportation operations with green fleets.

At the federal, regional and state level, there are five types of incentives for those that purchase new commercial vehicles or upgrade in fuel-saving trucking equipment:

  1. Grants
  2. Rebates and vouchers
  3. Low cost loans
  4. Tax credits
  5. Tax exceptions

However, it’s important to consider who qualifies for these programs. Many incentive programs commonly stipulate vehicle type, fuel type, state/region of operation, vehicle weight limit, fleet size and overall company revenue. In addition, the application for each type of incentive is nuanced, and each program has its own requirements.

To help, Software Advice, a software review company, has put together a comprehensive guide that breaks down the federal, regional and state incentive programs and provides contact information for each program. In addition, the guide provides a quick, four-step process to help guide your application process.

Check out the 2013 Guide to Government Incentives for Fuel-Efficient Commercial Trucks for more detailed information on these programs.

Image credit: IntertiaCreeps, courtesy flickr

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