Video Friday: Hunters and Anglers Discuss Habitat and Climate Change

Outdoorsman speak of their own experience witnessing habitat and climate change in this video produced for the Yale Climate Forum by Peter Sinclair.

“There are whole communities that are gone. They’re underwater” – Bob Marshall, Conservation Editor-at-Large, Field and Stream

“I’ve had any number of people talk to me, not necessarily climate change, but about the fact that the snows come later, or the runoff comes earlier, or the streams are lower, or ponds where they used to fish or hunt birds or water fowl are drying up” – Todd Tanner, Conservation Hawks

“Say global warming, say climate change, and people are a bit reticent to sign on. It’s got a political agenda in the country, sadly, but here’s the irony: you can take the most conservative person, the person that would never admit to climate change, and ask them if the weather has change in their part of the world, and invariably they’ll have stories about how the weather is not the way it used to be.” Ken Barrett, Outdoor Writer, Bozeman, Montana

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