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Video Friday: Temperature Leads CO2? The 800-Year Lag

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Potholer54 (a.k.a Peter Hadfield) tackles a common myth about climate change often called the “800-year lag.”  Antarctic ice core data shows CO2 lagging temperature during periods of deglaciation; this has been well understood for decades. Despite this, many climate change “skeptics” ignore the full picture of numerous studies over the years and assert these data of ancient deglaciation “proves” that CO2 does not cause global warming

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One thought on “Video Friday: Temperature Leads CO2? The 800-Year Lag
  1. It is very important that people care about global environment. Some companies and governments are concerned about the course of our planet. It is necessary to preserve nature for future generations. I wish you good luck! author: Best Regards from Bratislava, Slovakia

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