GE, Ford and Intel Recognized as Dedicated Eco-minded Corporations

GE, Ford, and Intel praised for their cleantech innovationAlthough building a photography website dedicated to presenting, preserving and aiding the environment is an obvious way of investing in green technology, GE and Ford are investing in other options. Clean technology – “cleantech” –  is innovative technology designed to offer solutions to global climate change and resource challenges, while still providing competitive dividends necessary for successful business.

Cleantech is presented in a variety of products and services all intended to not only provide remarkable performance at lower costs but also to reduce or eliminate negative environmental outcome and enhance the responsible use of precious natural resources.

Recently Maplecroft, respected risk analysts, announced that GE, Ford and Intel are forerunners in the cleantech movement. “The Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) are the single most exhaustive study of the USA’s largest multinational companies and how they manage and adapt to climate change, with a special focus on innovation” states Maplecroft. Their comprehensive index rates each company using more than 100 criteria.

Nearly every aspect of environmental issue or concern is examined thoroughly including: “technological innovation and new working practices to combat climate change impacts; management of climate-related issues; adaptation to physical climate-related risks, such as flooding or extreme weather events throughout the supply chain; and, the reduction of GHG emissions”. GE, Ford and Intel have set themselves aside from many other lesser companies. These pioneering corporations have come in first, fourth and fifth in Maplecroft’s index of 360 companies.

Although the CII has only been released three times thus far, it is noteworthy to state that GE has maintained its spot on the very top. The commitment is apparent.. This dedicated company has allotted a whopping $5 billion in cleantech investments. Such investments have focussed primarily on climate challenges specifically. However, while the investments are fantastic for the environment thanks to their enormous decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, they aren’t too shabby for GE’s pocketbook either.

At this point, GE has generated over $100 billion in revenues and has saved $140 million in its own energy bill. How is this even possible? In smart, clean technology such as waste-to-value solutions, smart-grid technologies, wind turbines, and numerous other alternative energy innovations.

The CII is designed to assist investors in determining the most innovative and resilient companie with the best indelible likelihood. According to Maplecroft, “[The CIIs]… do so by highlighting firms that are innovating products, services, processes or partnerships in order to re-shape markets and position themselves to succeed in the climate-changed, low-carbon environment of the future”.

Interestingly, the corporations at the top of the CII also routinely show up their competitors in performance as is validated by the CII’s performance on the Bloomberg terminal. “Climate change will affect business in unexpected ways, such as altering demand for existing products based on their climate-related impacts and by driving the demand for innovative sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, usage and recycling,” states Maplecroft Director, Dr Kevin Franklin.

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