Enviro News Wrap: Solyndra, Big Oil Subsidies, and Politics, and more…

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  1. “the loan program that Solyndra participated in stated in the beginning that a $10 billion dollar loss was anticipated. It’s expected to only lose $3 billion. Sounds like a success to me.”

    OMG, only a Democrat would ever have the nerve to say that a $3 billion loss is a success.

    Solyndra has filed for chapter 11. Now that’s what I call a success!

    • The program was started by Bush in 2005, it was expanded by Obama and the loan was approved by Obama. This program has had bi-partisan support from the beginning.

      Government loan programs like this operate with an expected loss since they are investing in young technologies and companies that if brought to maturation would bring great benefit to Americans. The modern US government has always been in this business no matter who is in office. By the way, the modern use of horizontal hydraulic fracturing for natural gas was developing with the help of the US DOE. If that project had gone bust then the US government would have lost a lot of money.

      So, are you just attacking Solyndra and Democrats because you believe the misinformation campaign put out by Republicans?

      Also, if you want to get into the perceived fiscal responsibility of Democrats and Republicans then let’s talk about Bush Jr. who decreased taxes while bankrupting the country with 2 wars funded by debt only, and then the republican response to too much future debt is to stop paying the bills today (debt ceiling) because we may not be able to pay them in the future. Then, in 2012, Republicans want to cut social services and give only the rich a tax break which further concentrates wealth towards people who lock up money (the rich, because they are waiting for a better investment environment), while the people that do circulate money through our economy (middle and lower class) are left will less of an ability to participate in the job market because they do not have the services they need to sustain a healthy life while under and un-employed. Talk about the nerve of a US political party.

      I am available if you want to talk facts, but if all you got is one-liners and empty phrases then I have no time to discuss this with you.


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