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Fox and Friends Sound the Alarm on SpongeBob’s Global Warming Agenda – Seriously

Fox and Friends wants you to know that there’s a real danger out there for your children – Gretchen, Steve, and some other guy are sounding the alarm (they’re downright alarmist!). Children are at risk because Spongebob is pushing a “global warming agenda”. Check it out:

What did Fox and Friends miss because of the vigilance against indoctrinating children into a belief in global warming? Well, a real human talking about real climate science. Fox News, keeping the world safe from cartoon characters and distracting them from all that boring science stuff:

(Climate scientist Dr. Don Wuebles, testifying at a Senate hearing this week, warns that long lag times in the climate system increase the urgency of immediate action to reduce future disruption.)

Image credit: The New Civil Rights Movement

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One thought on “Fox and Friends Sound the Alarm on SpongeBob’s Global Warming Agenda – Seriously
  1. lol – that first vid reminded me so much of the discussions I’ve heard in response to teaching evolution in schools by the creationists. Almost word for word! (eg. “they’re teaching it as fact, when it’s still unproven.” | “teach both sides of the science.” etc)

    In both cases, they obviously don’t know what’s actually occurring in the scientific literature, but FOX is renown for that.

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