Month: July 2011

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Republican’s Launch a Covert Assault on the Environment

Editor’s note: This post originally published in Richard’s blog “The Green Market” and is republished here with his permission Under the cover of America’s preoccupation with the debt ceiling the Republicans are launching an all out offensive against the Environment. This is the latest attempt by Republicans to slash funding to the EPA and undermine […]Read More

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Feeling the Heat of Global Warming

For more than a decade there has been increasing evidence of a pronounced warming trend around the globe. Last year we saw a new record for the second highest average global temperature over a 12 month period. This year, the U.S. has experienced widespread record breaking heat waves. Although hot summers are to be expected in the U.S., this year is different. […]Read More

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Enviro News Wrap: Smart Grids Made Smarter; Defending Coal (or

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week: Coal in the News: A small newspaper in Indiana defends the coal industry from more regulation Another small newspaper defends coal from the “attacks” of New York Mayor Bloomberg Carbon capture and sequestration efforts are already proving to the be […]Read More

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Christopher Monckton is No Lord – Get Used to It

His officious, bumptious, arrogant demeanor makes Christopher Monckton one of the most easily recognizable climate cranks in the industry (and perhaps, in a sad, unintentional sort of way, one of the most humorous). Currently on tour in Australia demonstrating his non-scientist scientific prowess on climate, Monckton reminded ABC Sydney’s Adam Spencer that it’s Lord Christopher Monckton to […]Read More