Enviro News Wrap: Climate Cranks in America; GOP at War with the EPA; the Long Reach of the Koch Brothers, and more

The lates environmental news headlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

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  1. Hi Anders,
    Great job this week as usual. I have a issue of discussion regarding the wind energy/bird strike story you posted.
    I don’t believe equating the issue of the BP oil spill tragedy with the very real concern of wind farms and the impact on bird populations is particularly valid.
    Of course development of wind energy is vastly preferable than continuing a fossil fuel based energy economy.
    But using fossil fuels as an excuse to dismiss this issue with wind farms isn’t helpful to the ultimate goal, in my opinion.
    My brother-in-law makes his living conducting bird death counts for wind farms throughout northern and central California – and from my anecdotal evidence in discussing the issue with him, this is a very real problem that should be addressed so that as wind energy continues to roll out, there will be methods and best practices in place to best deal with it.
    Saying, in effect, that “it’s only two birds per year per turbine – who cares?” does nothing to address the issue. And I’d say the problem is far worse for some wind farms, given from what I hear from my B-I-L.
    There will be some very real challenges ahead as we roll out various forms of renewable energy. They need to be faced square-on and dealt with, not dismissed and trivialized.


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