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Krauthammer on Climate Change, Winter, Godzilla, and Religion

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Not one to miss an opportunity for cheap shots at Al Gore’s expense, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer spoke recently of the “religion” of global warming and asserts that if Al Gore had his way, he’d claim that Godzilla is coming because of ocean spores. What good fun.

What Krauthhammer misses is in his glee to discredit Al Gore is simply that one expected consequence from climate change (global warming) is more intense storms, more often. And what kind of storms happen in winter? Well, yes, or course – winter storms. Not that far-fetched when you sit and think about it for a moment.

Too bad Krauthammer is unable to wrap his head around that fact, but what can we expect? Well, more intense winter storms might be one thing, but willful ignorance is what we expect from Charles Krauthammer. And that’s just what we get.

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