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Climate Change, Hurricanes, Atolls, and Coral – Getting the Science Right

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In his latest YouTube video potholer54 explores three common myths regarding climate change, hurricanes, low-lying islands, and coral. Both proponents and skeptics generally get the science wrong. This video sets to explain how the interplay of climate with oceans is more complex than generally discussed in the media and across the internet.

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change, Hurricanes, Atolls, and Coral – Getting the Science Right
  1. Global warming is one of the most controversial issues facing the world today. It is controversial not only because it involves very serious, far-reaching—global—issues that can permanently and negatively affect the world, but also because it involves the lifestyles and personal choices of everyone on Earth. While it is true that some people and ecosystems may suffer the negative effects more than others and some people may have to be willing to make larger lifestyle changes, everyone will have a responsibility and a stake in the outcome. If ecologically sound decisions are made, then life will be much better for not only today’s population but also the generations of the future. If people choose not to make wise environmental choices today, then the future of upcoming generations will pay the price.
    Changing Environment and Global Warming

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