Environmental News Wrap: Fracking, Better Batteries, Carbon Absorbing Foam, and more…

The latest environmental news headlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

  • Fracking is a term used to describe a process that aids in the extraction of natural gas. The chemicals used for this process are under scrutiny now with the US Environmental Protection Agency getting involved. The natural gas industry claims that these chemicals are no more dangerous than chemicals found in any household arsenal; that is a funny thing to say as many people have some very toxic chemicals in their house.

  • Makers of detergent in the US recently had to decrease the amount of phosphorous in their products due to environmental concerns. In this New York Times article the columnist sadly misrepresents environmental products as less effective, more expensive and more inconvenient. It is these sorts of articles that perpetuate misconceptions about our lifestyle and new products that attempt to make our way of life less environmental devastating.
  • A new company, Ampirus, is bringing to market a lithium-ion battery that is 40% more efficient than current ones. Developments like this are greatly important as batteries accompany products like solar panels and electric cars. The more efficient batteries are the less expensive and more user-friendly these products will be.
  • EcoMotors International has revamped the two stroke engine to make it more efficient. Technology Review reports.
  • Scientific American asks, “Is Spent Nuclear Fuel a Waste or a Resource?
  • National Geographic presents the “Great Energy Challenge. Check it out!
    Side note; it is hard to believe that companies like National Geographic are truly dedicated to environmentalism when adds for companies like Shell cover their website.
  • Poverty is often an obstacle to environmentalism. The Week presents some sobering facts about poverty in the USA.
  • The 2010 Earth Awards has chosen a carbon absorbent foam as the winner of their contest. This foam will be placed in things like smokestacks and will grab carbon out of the air and turn it into sugar, the next step is to get that sugar to turn into biofuel. Good Luck!

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