Day: June 10, 2010

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News Break: Senate Rejects Murkowski Resolution, Blocks “Big Oil Bailout”

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s resolution that would have essentially overturned the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat to human health and welfare was voted down today in the Senate 53-47. Press release from the Sierra Club: The Senate did the right thing today. With oil still gushing into the Gulf […]Read More

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Gasland – Revealing the Fracking Truth About Natural Gas Drilling

Filmmaker Josh Fox’s Gasland journey began when Natural Gas drilling came to his area of the Catskills/ Poconos region of upstate New York, offering lucrative deals to he and his neighbors for drilling access to the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas” that theoretically lay beneath many regions of the U.S. The old adage “if it […]Read More