Month: June 2010

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Toronto G20 Summit Marked by Inaction on Climate Change

Despite the disappointing outcome at the Toronto 2010 Summit, the G20 remains our best hope of managing climate change. The G20 accounts for about 85 percent of the global economy and its members are responsible for the vast majority of climate change causing emissions. A healthy global economy is an essential precondition to an international effort to combat climate change.  The […]Read More

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Sunday Times Retracts “AmazonGate” Article for Shoddy Journalism – For

WhateverGate The UK’s Sunday Times recently retracted claims made in an article published last January by Jonathan Leake, a writer who is no stranger of climate-change-denying controversy. Leake’s claims, says the times retraction, that non-peer-reviewed data based on unscientific sources influenced the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report  regarding climactic impacts on the […]Read More

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Environmental News Wrap: June 22-27

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week: Environmental News Pick of the Week: Paying industrializing countries to not destroy their own environment has been talked about for a long time, now Ecuador is stepping up to ask for billions of dollars simply to not extract all the […]Read More

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Weekly Mulch from the Media Consortium: Risks of Continued Oil

By Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium Blogger (reposted with permission) BP oil has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico for more than two months, and while attention has focused there, deepwater oil drilling is just one of many risky methods of energy extraction that industry is pursuing. Gasland, Josh Fox’s documentary about the effects of […]Read More

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EarthTalk: Volcanoes and Global Warming

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Is there any link between increased volcanic activity—such as the recent eruptions in Iceland, Alaska and elsewhere—and global warming? – Ellen McAndrew, via e-mail It’s impossible to pin isolated natural phenomena—like an individual volcanic eruption—on […]Read More