Environmental News Wrap: Week of May 17-23

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

  • The Obama Administration recently threatened BP that if they did not invoke confidence that they have the Gulf of Mexico situation controlled soon the government will step in to clean up and stop the oil spill.
  • Obama raised the small vehicle fuel efficiency standards and now is looking to regulate the large trucks that drive our goods all over the country every day. This is a much needed, and long awaited, correction to our short-sighted market.
  • A new environmental bill in the US Congress would regulate greenhouse gas emissions. It is gaining political clout because it could be an alternative to regulation from the EPA, which has been mandated by the Supreme Court to do so.
  • The Christian Science Monitor explains the Pros and Cons of some climate-engineering ideas.
  • Obama’s stimulus bill has had some time to take affect now. Technology Review provides some analysis of what it has done so far for Clean Energy.
  • Biodiversity is decreasing and the Guardian highlights a recent economic analysis of its monetary effects.

Technology Review has several articles on its website right now about the advancement of solar technology:

  1. Thin Films are being developed as a better way to store energy than traditional batteries.
  2. The CEO of an Italian energy firm is funding development for solar energy so his company can one day make a switch over from hydrocarbons.
  3. A new material is being developed for solar panels to replace Silicon. Silicon is expensive, limited in reserves and has low efficiency when compared to upcoming technologies.
  4. Caltech offers advancement in solar technology.

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