Month: February 2010

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UN to Commission Independent Panel to Review IPCC

In the wake of revelations that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) allowed faulty data into its 2007 Fourth Assessment Report about the rate of melt for the Himalayan Glaciers, the United Nations has announced it will commission an independent panel to review the IPCC’s operations and recommend any needed changes. One of the […]Read More

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Recovery Act Stimulus Report: Jobs for a Sustainable Future 

President Obama’s stimulus has been given mixed reviews due in large part to the current US jobless rate. With unemployment hovering just below 10 percent, these are the worst unemployment numbers in more than a quarter-century. In the past two years, 7.7 million jobs have been lost in the United States and two million jobs have disappeared since Congress passed the stimulus plan. Despite the public’s […]Read More

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EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Spars With Senate GOP Over Climate

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson held firm against lead climate pseudo-skeptic James Inhofe and his colleagues on Tuesday at an EPA budget hearing with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The GOP minority quickly turned the budget meeting into a battle of wills, saying that hacked emails from climate scientists at East Anglia […]Read More

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Memo Reveals China Fears Developed Nation “Conspiracy” at COP15 Climate

A leaked internal document commissioned by the Chinese environment ministry and written by a Chinese government think-tank claims that “A conspiracy by developed nations to divide the camp of developing nations [was] a success.” The purpose of the conspiracy was apparently to divide developing nations at the climate conference in Copenhagen last December, citing the […]Read More