Day: December 17, 2009

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Todd Stern Explains US Emissions Targets

The United States is often called to task for basing its emissions mitigation targets on 205 levels, instead of 1990 established by the UNFCCC. At a press conference earlier this week, chief US negotiator at the COP15 climate conference focused his comments on how “only in the hermetically sealed world of climate negotiations” is the […]Read More

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Inhofe’s Little World on Display at COP15

As promised, Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma made a cameo appearance this morning in Copenhagen at the COP15 climate conference. His message, in the midst of intense negotiations now reaching a fever pitch, was to say that Congress will not pass any climate legislation nor agree to an international treaty, and that in America only […]Read More

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Breaking News: Secretary of State Clinton Pledges 100 Billion in

I am currently at a press briefing with Climate Action Network. Jennifer Morgan of the World Resources Institute was just handed a note with a report the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has announced a pledge of 100 billion in financing by 2020 for developing world climate change adaptation and capacity building. More reports […]Read More