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“ClimateGate” – A Deer in the Lights of an Oncoming Train

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Climate Gate - the forces of entrenchment

From the Center for American Progress

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3 thoughts on ““ClimateGate” – A Deer in the Lights of an Oncoming Train
  1. There sould be a cartoon that shows Al gore as a witch Dr. saying we need to kill more virgins and the problem will go away, along with dogs. Your cartoon show that your just trying to save face. You can’t you blizzard head.

    1. Al Gore. Yep, that the best you can do in response to this is invoke Al Gore (who has absolutely nothing to do with what this cartoon is about) shows your vast understanding of the issue.

      You’re going to get personal (because that’s the only argument you can muster), and the best you can do is “blizzardhead?” Weak. I’d love to debate the issue, but since you don’t know what you’re talking about, just go away.

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