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REDD – Stop Deforestation, Reduce Emissions, and Create a Path Toward Sustainable Development

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Last week we wrote about REDD, the program to stop deforestation and forest degradation. REDD, or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, will be a key aspect of any viable agreement reached this December in Copenhagen.

The rate of rainforest destruction is alarming. Estimates indicate they will be virtually destroyed by the end of the century unless a way if found to stop clear-cutting and burning of forest to make way for farmland and plantations. Ultimately, a standing, healthy forest has far more economic value than one burned and destroyed for short-term gain. REDD will help create incentives for developing nations to preserve their forests, reduce CO2 emissions, and foster sustainable development.

This film was commissioned by UN-REDD and screened to World Leaders at the United Nations.

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