EPA “Suppressed Dissent Scandal” Promoted by Embattled and Bitter Senator Inhofe is the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Mankind…

Senator Inhofe is full of BSI use the hapless Senator’s own hyperbolic language to help illustrate his latest and completely expected, given the House passage of the Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill last week, attempt to support his ever more untenable position as a leading climate change denier.

What is a little surprising is how Inhofe doesn’t appear to learn any lessons from his past adventures in list building, scandal and fear mongering, and character assassination. Inhofe is either really not very bright, or purposely and cynically deceitful. Either option isn’t pretty.

His latest fury comes from a “suppressed email” by Alan Carlin, an economist for the EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics who drafted an unsolicited report questioning the need for regulation of CO2 and disputing the assertion of a scientific consensus on global warming. Carlin asked his superiors to consider his report when drafting the agency’s endangerment finding on CO2 released earlier this year. According to NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt, Carlin made a number of very basic errors in his scientific analysis, and in any case put forth nothing new, just a rehash of “right wing pseudoscience.”

Jonathan Hiskes at Grist reports that, far from being “suppressed,” the “scandalous” emails reveal little more than a management-employee dispute. Carlin’s boss simply asked Carlin to get back to work on other things, being that his job at the EPA is that of economist, not climate scientist.

EPA press secretary Adora Andy issued the following statement:

Certain opinions were expressed by an individual [Carlin] who is not a scientist and was not part of the working group dealing with this issue. Nevertheless, several of the opinions and ideas proposed by this individual were submitted to those responsible for developing the proposed endangerment finding. Additionally, his manager allowed his general views on the subject of climate change to be heard and considered inside and outside the EPA and presented at conferences and at an agency seminar. The individual was also granted a request to join a committee that organizes an ongoing climate seminar series, open to both agency and outside experts, where he has been able to invite speakers with a full range of views on climate science. The claims that his opinions were not considered or studied are entirely false.”

As scandalous cover-ups go this is a bit of a yawner

That is, of course, until the likes of Senator Inhofe gets hold of the story, like a junkyard dog not letting go of a meatless bone that amounts to nothing.

Trotting onto co-conspirator Fox News to declare his vindication of his claims that “it’s all phony,” he sanctimoniously called for a “full investigation” to get to the bottom of the cover up.

As I said in the beginning, Infofe is either stupid or sly as a fox. I suspect he knows full well that there is nothing new in Carlin’s claims (unless he isn’t paying attention even to his own host of deniers and “skeptics”), and knows there is no suppression or cover-up. He is using the non-event as a means to further confuse the general public and enrage the Beck “they want to regulate my breathing” disciples in a desperate attempt to defeat Waxman-Markey as it goes to the Senate.

What is sad is that it just might work.

Inhofe has complained of his treatment in the press, and no doubt from bloggers like me (if he knew I existed, which for all I know, he may), saying he has a large family that “has to watch this”.

The criticism he receives from the likes of me will pale in comparison of his shame when he tries to explain to his grandchildren why he cynically sold their future, and the future of their children and grandchildren, all in the name of perpetrating the largest hoax ever in the history of mankind.

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Thomas Schueneman
Thomas Schuenemanhttps://tdsenvironmentalmedia.com
Tom is the founder and managing editor of GlobalWarmingisReal.com and the PlanetWatch Group. His work appears in Triple Pundit, Slate, Cleantechnia, Planetsave, Earth911, and several other sustainability-focused publications. Tom is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.

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