Day: November 25, 2008

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Detailed Actions to Restore America’s Global Leadership on Global Warming

Restoring America’s leadership on global warming is no easy task.  US leadership has been lost over a sustained period as the current Administration has failed to make progress on global warming.  (Sadly this is time we don’t have.)  So, becoming a leader isn’t something that can be done overnight, but it will need to start […]Read More

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Of Speculative Bubbles, the Crisis in Finance, Corn & Ethanol

A two decade-long period of unbridled money supply growth and use of leverage is now coming to a painful, and what's likely to be protracted, end, bringing with it prices of just about every type of financial or physical asset in existence, including key agricultural commodities such as corn. That's likely to change the face of the US ethanol industry, or at least possibly provide even more impetus to develp second generation biofuels.Read More