Day: July 14, 2008

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Melting Ice – An Indicator For Carbon Markets

Carbon trading is annoying. Company X might happily announce that they’ve purchased carbon credits on an exchange to wipe out their carbon footprint, but the people trading the credits perform their duties only through information that has little or nothing to do with the factors directly impacting carbon emissions. There’s an unacceptable dichotomy between regular financial markets and the reality […]Read More

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It’s Official: EPA Throws Climate “Under the Bus”

While no surprise, it is now official. The EPA, at the apparent bidding of the White House, will do nothing about climate change and carbon emissions until the next administration. On Friday Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson did an end run around the April 2007 Supreme Court ruling requiring that the EPA must take steps to […]Read More

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Breaking News: Bush Lifts Executive Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling

In a morning statement given from the Rose Garden, the White House indicated it plans on lifting the executive ban on offshore oil drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf. The move by itself does not clear the way to drilling, but steps up pressure on Congress to lift its legislative ban on offshore drilling in place […]Read More