Day: July 2, 2008

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The Wall Street Journal: Projecting its Own Neurosis and Blaming

In one breathtaking stroke of close-minded prejudicial rhetoric and disinformation, Bret Stephens, writing in the Wall Street Journal, was able to lump any and all concerned about climate change as anti-capitalist, hysterical, and sick. A pretty impressive feat, but made easier when your grasp of science is weak and you employ, as David Sassoon points out […]Read More

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Cows On Diets? Scientists Study Ways To Reduce Bovine Flatulence

Most publications on global warming related issues have run stories on belching and farting, methane-emitting cows and sheep in the last 24 months. It’s not just a quirky issue but it’s seriously important. Belching and farting cows and to a lesser extent sheep pose a significant global warming threat to us humans. Cows alone account for 4 percent of […]Read More