Month: May 2008

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European Fishermen Shut Down Industry Protesting High Fuel Prices

High fuel prices are filtering down and sparking civil protests across Europe’s southern tier.  Spain’s fishing industry – the largest in the EU – closed down today as an estimated 7,000-10,0000 members of Spain’s fishermen’s union (La Confederacion Espanola de Pesca, or Cepesca) representing some 1,400 businesses took their concerns to the streets of Madrid. […]Read More

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Comparing Forestation Voluntary Carbon Offset Certification Standards

With voluntary carbon offset credit markets growing and the topic firmly fixed and on the agenda of the U.N. Clean Development Mechanism’s executive board forestry scientists and researchers, climatologists and natural resource economists around the world are zooming in on, gathering data and analyzing existing forestation carbon offset projects in order to better understand them […]Read More

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Scientists: Up to 66% Of All Carbon Emission Trading Worsens

US Stanford University scholars assert  that up to 66% of all companies signed up under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) are not  reducing but stepping up greenhouse gas output. Third World companies massively evade meeting the clean investment criteria and are receiving billions of dollars in funding. The research, quoted by the environmental NGO International Rivers -which monitors […]Read More

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Industrial Hemp’s Silver Bullet Potential For Reducing Greenhouse Gas

Activists from 35 countries rallied in over 200 cities for the legalization of marijuana earlier this month. A laudable effort perhaps, but did you know that the cannabis plant’s industrial version is a crop that many scientists believe holds silver bullet potential for greenhouse gas reduction? Hemp is outlawed in most countries despite lacking psycho active ingredients. Commercially grown hemp has less than […]Read More

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Acid Oceans: Sooner and Shallower Than Expected

Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle have released studies showing that waters that only a century ago were not corrosive can now dissolve shells. It’s been known for years that at a certain depth water becomes corrosive from the acidification caused by rotting organic material floating down from the surface. But […]Read More