Day: April 18, 2008

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Dianne Feinstein on the Climate Security Act ad Emission Allowance

Following is a copy of an email I just recieved from Senator Dianne Feinstein – Dear Mr. Schueneman: Thank you for writing to me to share your support for the “Climate Security Act of 2007.” I appreciate hearing from you and welcome this opportunity to respond. On October 18, 2007, Senators Joseph Lieberman (ID-CT) and […]Read More

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Climate Change Talks Conclude in Paris

The third “Major Economies Meeting” concluded in Paris today after getting of to a rocky start in the wake heavy criticism of president George Bush’s speech on Wednesday calling for a halt to U.S. emissions growth by 2025, considered by most as not ambitious enough and without any real policy proposals to meet even this goal. […]Read More