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A Piece of Antarctica Falls into the Sea

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A 160–square-mile portion of the Wilkins Ice shelf along the Antarctic peninsula has, within the past few weeks, collapsed into the ocean. Scientists estimate the ice shelf had been there for up to 1500 years.

Some think it is a consequence of global warming.

And some don’t.

As Andrew Leonard writes in, it’s best to consider the source.

In the meantime, there is 160–square-miles less of Antarctica today than there was a month ago.

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3 thoughts on “A Piece of Antarctica Falls into the Sea
  1. Isn’t it possible that the portion of the ice shelf that broke off was caused by an earthquake, which took place in Antactica and not by global warming?

  2. Hey Chuck,

    Yes, it certainly seems possible. I’ve looked around for information on an Antarctic Earthquake and haven’t found anything. Could you (or anyone) send me a link to info or a news report?

    I’ll also ask a friend of geologist friend of mine about it.

  3. Chuck – following up as I said I would. The geologists I have spoke with have no data at all on any recent earthquakes in Antarcita – which are apparently rare in that region in any case – so if you wish to provide me with some information about what earthquake to which you refer, It’ll help to give your assertion more credibility.

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