Month: March 2008

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The Cambridge Energy Alliance: Addressing Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, and

The discussion of solutions to climate change often turns toward cutting-edge renewable energy technology, hybrids cars, and solar panels, but one of the easiest, most cost effective, and quickest ways to reduce our carbon footprint is simply through greater efficiency of the energy we now use. Much of that energy is used in lighting, heating, […]Read More

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Government Misses Another Deadline for Endangered Arctic Species Determination

I recently posted on the plight of the polar bear by relating my conversation with Canadian scientist and polar bear expert Nick Lunn. As Nick explained, the polar bear is the “poster child of climate change”, but represents an entire ecosystem. One that is “rapidly melting away” says Shay Wolf, a biologist for the Center for Biological Diversity. […]Read More

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Catching a Break: Carbon Emissions and U.S. Power Plants

Last post I posed the mostly rhetorical question of whether we could ever catch a break in all the troubling news we hear about climate change. Sorry, but not today. The Environmental News Service reports that carbon emissions from U.S. power plants made its biggest single-year leap in 2006, rising 2.9% over 2006 levels – or 5.9% from 2002 […]Read More