Month: February 2008

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Polar Bears and Climate Change: A Lot to Think About

After the research expedition I was participating in officially ended last week, I spend a couple extra days along with another team member helping Krista (a staff at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre) to wrap things up for our team. Just as our team was leaving, Nick Lunn arrived to set up several weeks of polar bear research. Nick […]Read More

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Soil & Range Managment: The Key to Reducing CO2

Rebuilding organic soil is the fastest, most productive and most cost-effective means of sequestering significant amounts of carbon dioxide during the next 30 years. Moreover, making sound, long-term commitments to rebuild and manage worldwide organic soil stocks will not only help offset current greenhouse gas emissions but reduce the burden of CO2 already contained in […]Read More

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Earthwatch: Monitoring Permafrost in the Canadian Arctic

Today I leave to join an Earthwatch team at the Churchill, Manitoba Northern Studies Centre in support of a research project called Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge. Dr. Peter Kershaw of the University of Alberta is the principal investigator of the project. His research involves monitoring the condition of permafrost and peatland along the arctic treeline where […]Read More

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George Bush and his “Scorched Earth” Budget – A Synopsis

The following items caught my attention today: Writing in the Huffington Post today, Carl Pope uses the analogy of the common wartime tactic of the “scorched earth” policy of a retreating army to describe George Bush’s recent budget submission to Congress.  Joel Connelly of the Seattle PI warns that, while most of the country is immersed […]Read More