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Amory Lovins and the Oil End Game

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Amory Lovins is the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent non-profit organization involved in research and advocacy of market-based solutions to sustainable use of resources and environmental stewardship, best described from their missions statement: “We foster the efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life-sustaining.“

Lovins has co-authored Winning the Oil Endgame, laying out the essential and entirely doable plan for ending our dependence on oil – and doing it for a profit, for sound economics is vital to any reasonable solution to energy, climate change, and environmental degradation.

Amory gave a talk at a recent TED Conference in Monterey California summarizing the approach discussed in Oil Endgame.

The video is about 20 minutes long, and well worth the time.




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