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Notes on Bali Climate Change Summit

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The world comes together to hammer out an agreement to deal with climate changeI’m keeping my ear to the ground on the goings-on in Bali, as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change winds up its first week of discussions.

Here are some points of interest:

  • Climate scientists call for immediate action to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Failing to do so within the next 10 to 15 years creates an unacceptable risk of the more disastrous consequences of climate destabilization.
  • The United States holds firm to their policy opposing significant mandatory cuts in emissions, according to Harlan Watson, lead negotiator of the US delegation, citing concerns such action will “undermine economic growth”.
  • Preliminary research from a UNEP study show that millions of new jobs are the likely benefit of progressive action in dealing with the challenges of climate change.

You can also get reports on the ground from  Alden Meyer, Strategy and Policy Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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