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On the Road to Bali: Senator Craig Offers His Considerable Credibility to UN Climate Change Conference

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Airport Decisions. Craig on the Road to BaliIn an apparent attempt to get him as far away from Washington as possible,  Idaho Republican Senator Larry “didn’t he quit?” Craig is traveling to Bali this week for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where he has sworn to do absolutely no good whatsoever.


There have been questions raised regarding the carbon footprint of the climate change convention itself. That’s a legitimate point, one that becomes more cogent if, after two weeks, not much is accomplished.

At the very least it should be hoped that each of the 10,000 delegates traveling to Bali are doing so in good faith, with the intention of participating in a positive and progressive manner. Now don’t get excited. I mean “progressive” as in “progress” – for indeed without progress, what’s the point?

Thus I am concerned with such utterances from the good Senator as: “…we can avoid suffering for symbolism, and continue to keep things cool in our own backyard, even if there’s nothing but hot air in Bali.”

Talk about suffering for symbolism.I can understand why the Republicans would rather he go away, and since he isn’t, well… Off to Bali my boy!

I submit that his is one carbon footprint the conference doesn’t need. Best, sir, if you just go back to Idaho.


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