Month: November 2007

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Integrity in the Carbon Offset Market is the Goal and

I admit it leaves me a bit uneasy when I hear people that pursue a carbon-rich lifestyle (that’s you and me) proclaim their erstwhile carbon-spewing ways neutralized through the simple and convenient purchase of a few carbon credits. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that the concept of carbon offsetting is a useful one, though only […]Read More

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UN Weather Agency Reports Record Concentrations of Two Greenhouse Gases

Of the three gases most responsible for current global warming trends, The United Nations Weather Agency reports that levels of two of those gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O), reached record highs in 2006. The third gas, methane, remained stable. The most prevalent naturally occurring greenhouse gas is water vapor, which is not a major […]Read More

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Carl Pope on “What to Do Now” in Light of

In the wake of the IPCC’s synthesis report released last week from Valencia, Spain speaking of “unequivocal” evidence of accelerating climate change Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club asks okay, “what do we do now?”, offering his insight and suggestions in a post on Tags: carl+pope, ipcc+synthesis+report, global+warming, climate+change, global+warming+evidenceRead More