Month: September 2007

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Climate Science, Doomsday, and Funky Wisdom

Don’t Spoil the Party, Dude Climate scientists have been getting a bum rap. Too many times they are accused of being about nothing but “gloom and doom”. AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein writes that many of the scientists associated with the “doomsday scenario” of global warming (Jim Hansen, Michael Mann, Bob Corell, Stephen Schneider) are actually more hopeful than some […]Read More

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Coal Mining and Comfortable Caribou…

It is unfortunate that any political agenda ever be introduced into a tragedy such as the recent mining tragedy in Utah, except that which will help insure it never happen again. Perhaps that is a naive notion, and the issue of energy policy is a complex one, but to blame a coal mine disaster on “green zealots” blocking oil […]Read More