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The Candidates on Global Warming

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The US Presidential election is over 15 months away and already we’re sick of it, right?

But wait, before we become all numb from the endlessly repeated talking points and slick rhetoric, let’s not forget to assess the candidates’ stand on global warming and climate change.

A good reference is available from the Council of Foreign Relations.

It is encouraging to see that there is a level of bipartisan support for active engagement of global warming. By the time any real leadership has a chance to begin in 2009; we will have fairly squandered eight years.

We can not afford to have this issue languish another four or eight years at the Federal level, and it’s up to us to demand that anybody who thinks he or she should be president – that has that level of audacity – weigh in, one way or another, in terms of what is done or not done about global warming if they are president.

After you read through the information presented by the Council, you’ll see what I mean: three Republican candidates have yet to say anything at all, apparently, as their position on global warming is "unknown". One other candidate has only ad copy on a website. That isn’t good enough.

As long as any presidential candidate hasn’t outlined their position on climate change one way or another, I figure they aren’t serious about the job.




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