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FDA issues voluntary produce-safety guidelines
16 Mar 2007 at 11:03am
If you’ve shied away from spinach since last year’s widespread E. coli outbreak, this should give you comfort: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued voluntary guidelines this week to help keep fresh-cut produce safe. What, the “voluntary” part gives you pause? Pshaw. Pointing out that voluntary guidelines for production …

Can Al Gore’s inconvenient truth be tailored for kids?
16 Mar 2007 at 11:03am
As a staffer at Seattle radio station KEXP, Lisa Shimizu can often be overheard talking about her favorite rock album. (This week it’s “Sound of Silver” by LCD Soundsystem.) But recently, she’s been talking about a different kind of rock — planet earth. One of the 1,000 people chosen to …

Coal sequestration a near-future necessity; one utility gets a jump start
16 Mar 2007 at 11:03am
If coal’s going to be viable in an emissions-regulated future, we need to hurry up and learn the how-tos of carbon sequestration, says a new study from MIT. The U.S. should take the lead and fund three to five emissions-burying demo projects within the decade, says the report; meanwhile, companies …

Anika Rahman, women’s- and reproductive-rights advocate, answers readers’ que…
16 Mar 2007 at 11:03am
Think of a cross-section of the global population that disproportionately lacks access to a clean environment. Got it? OK — were you thinking “females”? Around the world, women are disempowered, says Anika Rahman; as president of Americans for the United Nations Population Fund, her role is to overcome barriers to …

As ministers gather in Potsdam, Germans still fuming over speed-limit idea
16 Mar 2007 at 11:03am
The G8 environment ministers are spending two days in Potsdam, Germany, chewing over the world’s post-Kyoto possibilities with their developing-country counterparts. “We are going to speak about the barriers that have until now held back international climate-change negotiations and how to break them,” said German eco-minister Sigmar Gabriel. Who, as …

Thomas Schueneman
Thomas Schuenemanhttps://tdsenvironmentalmedia.com
Tom is the founder and managing editor of GlobalWarmingisReal.com and the PlanetWatch Group. His work appears in Triple Pundit, Slate, Cleantechnia, Planetsave, Earth911, and several other sustainability-focused publications. Tom is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.

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