Falwell on Global Warming: It’s the Devil

It has been widely reported that Jerry Falwell has recently blamed, if not actually global warming, then the debate surrounding the issue on the devil.

Apparently the idea is that the devil is attempting to distract the good reverend and his colleagues from preaching the gospel, and thinks it’s pretty clever of the devil in doing so.

I don’t really want to go too far into Falwell’s convoluted thought process. I personally think just about everything Falwell says is ludicrous; however, one point he makes I find interesting:
He claims that the debate on global warming and climate change should be about science and not politics.

Well, I’ll be, Jerry Falwell and I actually agree on something.

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Thomas Schueneman
Thomas Schuenemanhttps://tdsenvironmentalmedia.com
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  1. that idea sucks global warming is real and i can prove it polar bearsare dying because the ice is melting and they cant swim very far,its actually human activity whitch includes burning fossil fules like coal gas and oil.This is creating carbon dioxide and other bad gasses which are making holes in the ozone layer and if it goes the sun will burn us, destroy our crops,dissolve our water kill animals including humans and destroy earth?Yours sinseircly a very concerend 10 year old >:0

      • Hey thanks for reading my note. Not everybody cares about the urgent matter of global warming but in a few decades the whole of the artic may have melted and that means the whole world will be flooded! This can be changed if everyone uses renewable energy wich not only does it never run out but itis good for the enviroment. I hope that more people will turn to renewable energy as that is the best solution to this problem.
        By an exidingly worried and frustrated 11 year old.
        And thanks for reading. Sootycat out

        • Thanks for your comment Sootycat. I’m with you! I hope the world adopts quickly to renewable energy. I understand your frustration, but keep up your concern for a better world – it needs young people like you!


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