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A slew of new climate legislation heads to Congress
18 Jan 2007 at 11:01am
What a difference an election makes. After years of see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, be-really-evil, Congress is abuzz with forward movement on climate change. No less than four bills on climate look poised to go before the Senate, with big names like Sens. McCain, Obama, Boxer, and Feinstein jostling for attention. Just yesterday, …

Doomsday Clock ticks to 11:55 p.m., thanks in part to climate change
18 Jan 2007 at 11:01am
Cue ominous music: We’re edging closer to annihilation, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ famed Doomsday Clock — a symbolic measurement of how close civilization stands to ultra-mega-doom, or “midnight.” Yesterday, the group pushed its famed ticker two minutes forward to 11:55 p.m., adding climate change to its traditionally …

Maverick chef Ann Cooper aims to spark a nationwide school-lunch revolution
18 Jan 2007 at 11:01am
We don’t know about you, but we’re still haunted by the “food” we were served in school — meals with names like Mexican hat and vegetable-legume melange. Apparently we were lucky, though: those dishes were prepared by real live people, while today’s kids are served reheated industrial mush more often …

Content of State of the Union speech remains a mystery — kind of
18 Jan 2007 at 11:01am
Will President Bush crack down on climate change in his State of the Union address? The world may never know — until, of course, he gives the speech next Tuesday. Mutterings that the administration would embrace a cap-and-trade carbon-reduction scheme were flatly denied by White House spokesflack Tony Snow this …

Scientists and evangelical leaders form new climate alliance
18 Jan 2007 at 11:01am
So a minister, a scientist, and a horse walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Why the long face?” The horse just chuckles, but the other two begin a thoughtful discussion about how humans are destroying the planet. Sound far-fetched? Not after yesterday, when a group of 28 scientists and …

Thomas Schueneman
Thomas Schuenemanhttps://tdsenvironmentalmedia.com
Tom is the founder and managing editor of GlobalWarmingisReal.com and the PlanetWatch Group. His work appears in Triple Pundit, Slate, Cleantechnia, Planetsave, Earth911, and several other sustainability-focused publications. Tom is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.

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