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Hot model speaks up for Grist, bug-eyed readers reach for their wallets
14 Dec 2006 at 11:12am
We don’t mean to be shirty, but we want you to know: Grist’s end-of-year fundraising campaign wraps up tomorrow night, and we’re still panting for your support. If we’re not sexy enough in our own right, eco-model and fashion maven Summer Rayne Oakes sings our praises in an exclusive video. …

Business execs and military leaders smack down Bush energy policy
14 Dec 2006 at 11:12am
Prominent business execs and retired military officers are down on their knees begging Congress and the Bush administration to cut U.S. dependence on oil. “It’s the height of folly for the U.S. to continue on this course, lest we have some major economic or national-security problem,” says FedEx CEO Frederick …

Grist series looks at biofuels production in Central and South America
14 Dec 2006 at 11:12am
While the U.S. struggles with the economics of ethanol, a certain humongous country to the south has successfully fledged an ethanol industry of its own. We’re talking, of course, about French Guiana. Oh no, wait — dang foreign maps. We’re talking about Brazil! Today in our series, Tom Philpott and …

E.U. parliament passes new chemical standard, businesses brace for impact
14 Dec 2006 at 11:12am
Call it the vote heard ’round the world: yesterday, the E.U. parliament passed a landmark law that has global bizfolk quivering. REACH — Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals — requires about 30,000 chemicals to be registered with a new agency, with about 1,500 of the most harmful facing extra …

Plans for coal plants in Texas, Kansas fueling opposition from all sides
14 Dec 2006 at 11:12am
As U.S. utilities try to keep pace with the energy-sucking public, they’re planning 150 new coal-fired plants. But with coal plants already causing a third of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions, critics are emerging from all corners. A heated battle in Texas over TXU Corp.’s plans for 11 new plants …

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