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Report: Global warming real threat to California (San Diego Union-Tribune)

12 Aug 2006 at 4:38am

Aug. 12 (UNION-TRIBUNE): Increasing temperatures will transform California, threatening some of its most valuable resources in coming decades. That’s the primary message of a new state publication that summarizes 17 scientific studies examining how global warming is expected to play out in California.

Weather Eye: Hottest July was in 1936 — way before ‘global warming’ (The Col…

11 Aug 2006 at 12:44pm

There is a lot of hype about global warming and July being the second-warmest for the United States. According to the government there were more than 2,300 daily high-temperature records set in July around the country.

Global warming ‘a human problem’ ( via Yahoo! News)

9 Aug 2006 at 5:56am

Although the measure of humans’ impact on global warming isn’t precisely known, scientific evidence makes it abundantly clear that human activity is the main cause of warming over the past several decades (“Heated debate,” Editorial, Thursday).

Grouse shooting, global warming link (News Interactive)

9 Aug 2006 at 2:37pm

THE British grouse shooting season, which begins this weekend, is contributing to global warming, an ecology specialist told the latest edition of New Scientist magazine today.

Wine Warming (Forbes)

11 Aug 2006 at 5:25am

Global temperature rises could mean vineyards in northern Europe — even Maine.

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