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Obama leads bipartisan effort to raise fuel-economy standards

26 Jul 2006 at 1:07pm

Is the sting of $75-a-barrel oil and the threat of World War III exploding in the Middle East enough to convince Congress to finally boost auto fuel economy? Probably not, but a bipartisan coalition of senators led by Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is launching an admirable new effort anyway — the …

Climate change threatens national parks in the western U.S.

26 Jul 2006 at 1:07pm

Glacier National Park without glaciers? If global warming keeps on keepin’ on, 12 of the most famous U.S. national parks are at serious risk, says a report released yesterday by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization. Temperatures in the Western U.S. have risen twice as …

New Arctic Refuge drilling bill would spend proceeds on alt-energy

26 Jul 2006 at 1:07pm

The recurring nightmare of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is back, but with a new twist: proceeds would support alternative energy. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is introducing a bill today to open 2,000 acres of the refuge to oil drilling. Backers of the legislation estimate that in coming …

Umbra on fridge-freezer efficiency

26 Jul 2006 at 1:07pm

Used to be refrigerators were pretty straightforward appliances: freezer up top, fridge below, cold inside — voilà. Now we’ve got models with freezers on the bottom, fridge and freezer side by side, bells and whistles like external water spouts and elevator shelves and built-in TVs. Today a reader asks advice …

Feds move forward with clean coal plant — kind of

26 Jul 2006 at 1:07pm

The U.S. government is moving ahead with FutureGen, a $1 billion demonstration clean coal plant — and by “moving ahead,” we mean they’ve decided that it will be built on one of four sites in either Texas or Illinois. The final siting decision will be made in September 2007; construction …

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