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  1. Julie Church
    January 5, 2015

    Ocean Sole – the Flipflop Recycling Company is an East African based solution to rubber waste. The concept is to recycle flip-flops from the Ocean and waterways of East Africa, use local crafts men and women to turn the items into saleable (and very colorful) items. We are currently in the midst of forming a partnership with a local family owned flipflop company, to reuse all their factory waste, convert these into various ‘soles’ i.e. flip-flops, soles for other shoes. Key to this is incentivising the client to bringing the flipflop back to Ocean Sole, for it to be reused, remolded into an animal or item, and the profits from this go directly to our Ocean Sole Foundation. The Foundation is currently in its infancy, but its remit is to support innovative solutions to marine debris, support marine conservation projects and educate the world, about marine waste!

    Our ethos has been to use trade as a solution to a global growing problem of waste. We chose the flipflop as it is the most malleable and the second largest pollutant on our beaches in the Western Indian Ocean.

    We would love to explore partnerships around the world with similar organizations.

    I am the Founder, Director to Ocean Sole and Founding Trustee to the Ocean Sole Foundation.

    Thanks for letting us share our garbage solutions.



    • Donald
      March 3, 2015

      These are not solutions


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