Natural Capital Declaration Launched at Rio+20 Earth Summit

The Natural Capital Declaration was launched at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit this week.Factoring natural capital into the bottom line is about bringing the real wealth of the planet from the invisible into the visible spectrum in order to tip the balance from degradation towards sustainable management for communities, businesses, and countries.
-Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Director

A group representing thirty-nine banks, insurers, and investors have joined with the governments of more than 50 countries and corporations including Unilever, Puma, and Mars International at the Rio+20 Earth Summit calling for the valuation and accounting of natural capital as the only viable means of achieving sustainable development. The Natural Capital Declaration is a statement of commitment and leadership from the financial sector calling for integration of natural capital considerations in its practices and for governments to develop a regulatory framework to guide these institutions toward an understanding of natural capital as the basis of all human economic activity.

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